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Contribution to the estonian society

We are experts in the field of real estate. We participate in task forces that promote innovation in real estate, contribute to the diversity of Estonian architecture and public space and support research and the next generation in the field.

Commissioning works of art and architectural competitions

In cooperation with the Estonian Association of Architects, we organise architectural competitions for all new buildings of public importance. Close cooperation with experts in architecture ensure preparation of well-considered terms of reference and high-quality results. 

Viljandi riigigümnaasium

We also improve public space aesthetically, by allocating one percent of the cost of a public building to commission artworks.

The scope of possible works of art commissioned through public art competition is broad, covering both traditional oil or acrylic paintings, drawings and sculpture as well as interactive installations, videos and objects of light and sound.

In 2019, RKAS organised competitions for the commissioning of works of art that resulted in completion of four works of art with total value of 198,500 euros. 

RAK skulptuur "Koduvalvur" (autor J. Kaselaan)

Scholarships and research support

Since 2011, we have allocated 126,000 euros to pay scholarships to students in bachelor, master and doctoral study and students in applied higher education and 579,000 euros to support research activities.

In 2019, we allocated:

  • 23,000 euros for the study on how to test the solutions for reducing electromagnetic fields in buildings.
  • 18,000 euros for the study on determining the security classes of buildings and assessing the investment need and compliance of existing security measures with prescribed requirements.
RKAS 2018 a stipendiumide üleandmine


We belong to the working group, which aims at harmonizing the implementation of model design or BIM in the EU countries and establishing common fundamental principles. Our examples of implementation of BIM are included in the BIM Manual for European public sector.

In 2018, we organised accessibility round table with state agencies and representatives of the associations of people with reduced mobility, in order to discuss the principles of improving accessibility of public buildings, by the example of the joint building of the ministries (Suur-Ameerika 1, Tallinn). We are represented at the Accessibility Council of the Ministry of Social Affairs, which leads public discussion concerning accessibility and universal design and observes and evaluates the implementation of legislation and standards related to accessibility to ensure constant improvement of the situation.

We are represented in the Accessibility Task Force at the State Chancellery. The purpose of the Task Force is to ascertain the state of accessibility and related problems in all major aspects of living environment and society, incl. Access to public sector buildings and institutions. Also, it aims at developing policy guidelines and solutions that, in the course of next ten years, allow moving towards the society, public space and services that are accessible for everyone.

RKAS is a member of international organisations pure-net (The Public Real Estate Network) and The Workplace Network that bring together companies engaged in management and development of public sector real estate in various countries. Membership in this network provides opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience regarding management and development of state real estate, incl. Establishment of contemporary work environment.

Tegevuspõhise kontori töötuba Oslos 2019

We are represented at the Heritage Conservation Advisory Panel, the proposals and opinions of which constitute recommended basis for the National Heritage Board and local governments in the planning of heritage conservation work and the elaboration of heritage conservation principles. As at 2019, RKAS owns 162 buildings in heritage conservation zone.

Estonian National Museum (completion year 2016). Photo: K. Haagen