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About us

Riigi Kinnisvara AS is a real estate development and management company established for the efficient management of state real estate in 2001. The company is 100% owned by the Republic of Estonia and its shares are controlled by the Ministry of Finance. The amount of the company's share capital is 238,621,000 euros. We provide services mainly to state authorities and providers of public services. More than 230 people work in our offices in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Jõhvi.


Riigi Kinnisvara AS serves the following objectives established by the sole shareholder.

  1. Be the centre of excellence of state authorities for the provision of the real estate environment and real estate services.
  2. Centralise and optimise real estate used by the state and the expenses related thereto.
  3. Develop the company and the state's real estate competence while being a strategic partner for the Ministry of Finance.
  4. Work together with the private sector to ensure the best solutions for state authorities within the market competition.

Functional structure of organisation of state real estate

Functional structure


Estonian National Museum (completion year 2016). Photo: K. Haagen