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Riigi Kinnisvara complies with the Public Procurement Act and the company's procurement rules developed on the basis thereof in all its purchases.

Hangete prognoos 2023-2024

Public procurement

Riigi Kinnisvara AS shall publish in the Procurement Register any procurements with an estimated value of at least 30 000 euros for supplies and services and at least 60 000 euros for construction work and specific procedure of specific services.

To find the list of public procurements announced by Riigi Kinnisvara AS:

  1. enter the Procurement Register;
  2. type Riigi Kinnisvara in the field "Name of buyer";
  3. select the option "started" in the drop-down menu under "Procurement status";
  4. click on "Search procurements".

Use the options in the drop-down menu under "Type of procurement" to sort procurements as needed.

Procurement marked


Main building of the National Archives - Noora (completion year 2017). Photo: K. Haagen